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Welcome! I’m Amanda…

I’m a holistic health and nutrition coach who helps overwhelmed men and women aged 35+ to increase energy, enhance sleep and get their bounce back without calorie counting!

Food Coaching

I am extremely passionate about educating and inspiring you to understand how your unique body functions and the importance of the gut-brain connection.

Strong Mind and Body

How clean, wholesome nutrition alongside encompassing mindful practices and strategies help to build a strong foundation for change.


With years of trial and error of trialing fad products that promise the world, I have found products that actually work.

Balanced Lifestyle

Learning what choices serve your unique body and fuels you for high performance, whilst living a sustainable lifestyle on your terms.

Having Trouble Finding a Lifestyle Balance?

You’re Not Alone! & I’m Here to Help!

I have supported and educated hundreds of people to understand how their body functions, the importance of nutrition and a healthy mind-set. Creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and empowering them to become an expert of their unique self.

Which has enabled them to heal from issues like anxiety and depression, gut health and digestive issues, reversing diabetes type 2 as well as helping to heal skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis too.

Learn how to create a more balanced lifestyle

Through nourishing your body with clean, wholesome nutrition, supporting your mental and physical health with mindful practices and moving your body through regular exercise alongside being aware of the habits you have. You can create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that fits around you.

Understanding your individual body and how it functions and becoming an expert of your unique self.


Food & Nutrition Coaching

Working with you to establish healthy habits and how to identify how to use food for fuel alongside recognising food choices that do not serve you.

Support On Your Journey

I will guide, listen and recommend practices and strategies through 1:1 coaching. Working with you, and helping you achieve the best results possible.

Finding a balance can be hard, but eating healthy doesn’t have to be!

I don’t believe in counting calories or getting hung up on the number that the scales are giving. When I work with my clients, it is about working with how you feel. Boosting those energy levels and you feeling good in the skin and clothes you are in.

I’ve Developed Fun & Realistic Methods For Balanced Nutrition


A bit about me…

I am Amanda Whitehead, I am a mum of two young ladies, Mia 24 years and Elle 21 years. I am married for the second time to my amazingly supportive husband Andrew.

I love having fun, being outdoors camping in a tent or a yurt. I enjoy cycling, walking, boxing and yoga. I love being out in nature or spending time in my garden with family and friends making precious memories.


My Approach

I will spend time looking at the whole person and discussing your individual needs, finding out what you would like to achieve and working together to create a bespoke plan.

Together we will look at and discuss your current lifestyle and habits, preferences you may have and any limiting beliefs that may be blocking or holding you back.

I will ask questions about your general health and look at how you sleep, relax and move, alongside what products you use on your face, skin and hair. Because these play a role in your overall health too. This will allow me to guide, advise, educate, empower and support you on a journey to living a healthy lifestyle through learning what self-care really means to you, why boundaries are so important and how to recognize when you are overwhelmed.

My Process

I will share how you can make changes that will become a part of your daily routine to increase energy levels and improve mind wellness, which in turn will help you make healthier choices around food, the way you move, sleep and relax. Often, preparation and structure is the key, these practices will not eat into your weekly schedules, indeed, and you may find you have more free time with just a little planning and organization.

These in turn will help increase your body confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, help with weight loss or gain, give glowing skin and result in an all-round healthier, balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Unique Framework

Your journey isn’t about depriving yourself, impressing others or judging yourself. It is about finding what works for you, honoring and loving who you really are and the body you have been blessed with, living the life you choose.


I’d been introduced to the 30 day plan and I was a little sceptical at first.

Suffering with Chronic Fatigue I really didn’t think a meal replacement was going to work, I’ve tried quite a few different plans in the past, and they didn’t work for me. I found I was shaky and even more tired than usual, and to cap it all off I noticed no health benefits whatsoever.

However, with the 30 day plan my energy levels have stabilised, I still get the odd dip, but that is always going to be a reality for me. I feel healthier than ever and found it is easy to stick to which I’ve always struggled with in the past.  Already being a vegan, I honestly didn’t think my diet could get much healthier, but It really has. This has given me the education I needed to continue my journey healthier, fitter and much wiser about how I fuel my body, so much so I am taking the plan on holiday with me!


My reason for doing the plan was purely to lose weight, however, I found my energy levels rising and more surprisingly, was shocked how much my sleep was enhanced. I have more clarity and lost more weight than I thought I would, nearly a whole stone!


I have been working with Amanda for some time now with my wellbeing, nutrient intake, massage and general lifestlye and she has been amazing in supporting me with my hectic and demanding work/lifestyle. I am a Business Consultant and the work is very demanding and Amanda has really helped me in understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle and managing my stress levels.

I am diabetic and have also had major surgery and she has really got to grips with what I need in my life to continue to remain strong and stay healthy.

I have been amazed at how in depth her knowledge is and she has and is guiding me by continually improving my wellbeing. She understands me and has taken a lot of time to evaluate my requirements and I would have no hesitation in recommending Amanda in working with businesses and their workforce.

She is truly amazing and very experienced and I don’t say that about many people I work with or know. Do consider working with Amanda and the results will be worthwhile.


Dearest Amanda, I would just like to say a huge thank you for your help, support, and guidance! The 30 days to healthy living was made easy and enjoyable because of your extensive knowledge on gut health!
Your supportive, non-judgemental approach helped me not only change the way I eat but also gave me an insight on how food effects my general well-being!
As you know I have IBD and struggle with PMT and the onset of perimenopause. Well, I had no issues with IBD since following the 30 days and got a surprise when I got my period with very few symptoms PMT! I usually experience inflammation in my fingers and knees, not anymore!
Thanks again for being you, for your patience, support, and extensive gut health knowledge. It has been a truly life changing experience thus far! Let the good times continue to roll……..


I am so grateful to Amanda for introducing me to this fabulous lifestyle that has given me a new approach to my health as I was struggling to control my diabetes, my blood pressure and all the issues that come along with insomnia, stress and just a sluggish overweight body.

Amanda is an amazing and so supportive I can always message her for advice or help with my lifestyle changes. She also leads by example on how to live a sustainable lifestyle and achieve your goals.

The Gut Speaks To The Brain!

Check out an article I wrote for Fig & Feta on Gut Health!
Nourishing the gut is nourishing the soul. It is a way of telling your body and mind, I care about you. So how do we do that?

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