My Story

Hello, I’m Amanda…


I am Amanda Whitehead, I am a mum of two young ladies, Mia 24 years and Elle 21 years. I am married for the second time to my amazingly supportive husband Andrew.

I love having fun, being outdoors camping in a tent or a yurt. I enjoy cycling, walking, boxing and yoga. I love being out in nature or spending time in my garden with family and friends making precious memories.

After years of suffering with irritable bowel syndrome, a sluggish liver and developing SIBO(small intestinal bacteria overgrowth), with Western medicines not helping and in some cases worsening my symptoms; I studied and learnt how alternative methods of healing can work through analyzing what you choose to put in your body and what thoughts you allow into your mind.

I reversed all afflictions from simply changing food choices and daily habits, introducing self-care strategies and practices. I now lead a balanced lifestyle that suits my unique body. And this is exactly what I want to help you to do too.

Real Results

No Fad Diets, Just Results!

A healthy lifestyle is not just about healthy food, it is about a healthy, happy and unique you, taking time out to appreciate who you are, doing things you enjoy, learning how to unwind and give your body the time it deserves.


Up To Date Research

I am always reading and researching new ideas and things I can share with my clients. Walking my talk is invaluable for me, as it allows me to share my personal experiences of what has worked and what hasn’t. This is not about creating a diet or putting you on the latest trend so you drop weight only to put it back on 2 months later.


Education and Support

It is about educating around the importance of removing toxins from the body and all the things that impact your hormone health. I don’t believe in counting calories or getting hung up on the number that the scales are giving. When I work with my clients, it is about working with how you feel. Boosting those energy levels and you feeling good in the skin and clothes you are in.



Products That Work

In 2018 I was introduced to Arbonne international and their amazing products. At the time I was spending more and more time in A&E with my youngest daughter, supporting her through mental health challenges. Arbonne is one of the greatest gifts to come in to my life.

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