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This is my story and why I want to explain the importance of gut and brain health. I was born by Caesarean section and unable to breastfeed, which I have learned over the years has affected the health of my gut, the food choices I can make, and the illnesses I have experienced.

It is now known that people with certain digestive problems often suffer from anxiety and nervous disorders of the gut, irritable bowel syndrome or Chrons and colitis for example.

Our gut actually sends more messages and signals to our brain that can then often cause negative feelings to be processed, leading to people feeling unsure or nervous about things but not really understanding why.

Personally, I did not receive the bacteria from my mother’s birth canal and did not get any of the enzymes from my mother’s milk, which is crucial for our gut health in those early days, even if just receiving one.

My youngest daughter’s birth was natural and I did breastfeed her, however, she was delivered by ventouse, had a hole in her heart and a leaky valve, all of which I believe have contributed to her mental health issues in her later teen years.

It is now recognized that heart health and surgeries can trigger anxiety and depression. My daughter had open-heart surgery in 2003 and I was told back then that the surgery would possibly have a huge impact on her emotionally.

She was also delivered by ventouse, which again over the last few years I have learned may have also contributed to her anxiety and depression because the cap is attached to the crown of the head.

This puts lots of pressure on the skull and also the neck and spine, both of which are such important parts of our body’s health and wellbeing. Had I have known this when she was tiny, I would have her seen by a chiropractor straight away.

Our body is such an intricate and amazing thing. The way our gut is connected to our whole being, even before we are born is remarkable.

The food choices we make truly do affect our mood, our skin health, and our mental health. Food really is medicine and self-care really is healthcare. It is also something that can impact our fertility, the pregnancy, and the life of the little one to be born.

I do want to stress here how this is not just the responsibility of the mother but both parents who are sharing their bloodline.

Breaking the cycle of unhealthy choices and habits cannot only turn your life and health around but also prevent lifestyle illnesses being passed on to future generations.

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